Coca Cola Candle made from a Coca Cola Soda Bottle


$ 12.95

This beautiful candle has been hand crafted from a repurposed Coca Cola bottle. Originally a 12 ounce bottle of Coke, this bottle has been masterfully cut and polished then filled with wax to create one awesome candle! With so many nostalgic Coke fans out there, either you're one or you know of one that would LOVE this candle. Add it to your Coke collection or use it in your kitchen, living room, patio, bar, or restaurant! This candle measures about 2.5 inches in diameter and stands almost 6 inches tall.

We only use a premium candle wax to ensure a long lasting candle and a lead free wick. There are no animal by-products in our wax. Once the candle wax has been used up, drop another candle in to refill it!

The rim of the glass has been carefully smoothed and polished to remove any sharp edges and has a beautiful bevel. The quality of this glass can only be achieved by years of practice with this art. Do not be fooled by others that are less expensive and lack the attention to detail that my glasses have.

If you wish to purchase more than one, please let me know. I have more in stock.

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