Upcycled Stone Brewing Imperial Russian Stout Belgo Anise Pint Glass


$ 19.95

Stone Brewing's Imperial Russian Stout releases have garnered quite a following. In 2011 Stone released the Belgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout. This glass has been hand crafted from one of those bottles. Adorned with their beautiful iconic artwork and dated "2011 Odd Year Release", this glass is a definite collector's item! These are in short supply as they are no longer in production. Get it while you can! Use it as a drinking glass, small vase, desk caddie, candle holder, or anything you can think of. The craft beer fan will love it!

The rim of the glass has been carefully smoothed and polished to remove any sharp edges and has a beautiful bevel. The quality of this glass can only be achieved by years of practice with this art. Do not be fooled by others that are less expensive and lack the attention to detail that my glasses have.

This glass measures about 3 inches in diameter and stands 6 inches tall. It is a 100% post-consumer product and is eco-friendly.

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